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Building inspectors will be attending a mandatory county training

About Us


The goal of the building staff, inspectors, and plan reviewers is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Miramar by faithfully upholding federal, state, county, and city laws, regulations, and ordinances to ensure the highest built environment for our jurisdiction.


The Building Division provides the following services:
  • Reviews all building permit applications for compliance with all national, state, county, and municipal codes to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the public
  • Issues garage sale and other permits
  • Issues occupational permits and inspections
  • Performs all necessary building inspections
  • Maintains files of building plans and blueprints
  • Ensures building code compliance

Homes 10 Years or Older

The City of Miramar is not likely to have records (blue prints, etc.) to satisfy public records requests for residents who live in structures built more than 10 years ago. According to the General Records Schedule GS1-SL item # 252 for State and Local Government Agencies, the Building Division of City of Miramar does not need to keep on record Residential Plans with more than 10 years after issuance of certificate of occupancy.

Home Improvement Projects

Residents should call the Building Division at 954-602-3200 for information before beginning any Home Improvement Project. We will assist you with the permitting process.

2020 Fee Schedule

Click here for the 2020 Fee Schedule. Please see pages 5 - 7 for Community Development Department - Building Permits And Inspection.
All building fees are subject to an 8% surcharge.

For Lien Searches:
As of October 1 2019,  checks made out for the incorrect amount will be voided and returned back to the customer.