Regulating Plan & Land Use

The location of land uses is critically important in ensuring that a vibrant mix of uses, that support each other, is achieved. This plan diagrams the location of uses within the Town Center. The civic components have been grouped together to form a Civic Center in Block 1. Blocks 2, 3 and 4 are envisioned as mixed-use blocks. Blocks 5 and 6 are envisioned in the Master Plan as residential. 
Land Use Map Legend with Color Coded Key
Miramar Town Center Site Plan with Numbering
Land Use Plan

Site Plans

Land Use Tabulation

Block 1
Square Feet
City Hall
Cultural Center - Arts Park
Library - Education Facility
Total 208,000
Core Blocks 2, 3, and 4
Square Feet
Dwelling Units
Residential N/A 370
149,955 N/A
Office 85,435 N/A
Civic/Office - Miramar Police Department
80,000 N/A
Transit Hub
5,000 N/A
Block 5 and 6
Square Feet
Dwelling Units
N/A 134
Totals 320,390 504