Standby Generators for Lift Stations

This Project entails the installation of new standby generators and appurtenances associated for Lift Stations C,No. 6 and No. 7 to be used for emergency backup power. The project locations are as follows: Lift Station No. 7 is located at 8517 Beekman Drive; Lift Station No. 6 is located at 2654 West Desoto Dirve; and Lift Station C is located 3417 Hibiscus Place, Miramar 33023.

November 2018 - As 11/28/2018, staff is developing the scope of work for Lift Station #7 in FY19 and will submit to Procurement for review. Anticipate advertising the IFB in late December. Working with Emergency Management, staff has received no updates on the HMGP grant per the City's liaison.