EWTP Process Enhancement Renovations

Project to install nanofiltration membrane treatment at the EWTP. The first phase incorporates preliminary design to identify requirements for the addition of a three (3) MGD nanofiltration capacity system inside the existing chemical building at the EWTP, and future planning for up to 6 MGD of membrane treatment. Project will also include final design, permitting and construction of first 3 MGD phase by 2017.

December 2018 - Contractor has completed the installation of discharge piping including the installation of instruments for the reject pump station. Preliminary start up test was conducted on the RPS pumps for rotation, RPM, and AMP. Startup was also conducted on well #1. Two-day BAC-T samples have been collected for well #1. HVAC equipment installation is completed at both building B&C. Contractor is currently pulling and terminating wires in building C. Contractor has completed the stucco application and painted the south wall of building C. Broward DEP and GAI were onsite to witness pressure test for fuel piping lines and vacuum test for the new tank and GAI was also onsite to witness testing which all passed (vacuum test at -30 psi and pressure on lines at 62 psi). Contractor is currently working in the trench skids piping inside building B. The following activities have been completed in building B: the installation of the 8” RW discharge at the feed pumps, the installation of the eye wash station, and the portable water line. Contractor has also completed the installation of the above ground pigging piping line at the deep injection well. All pipe support bases have been poured, but vertical supports are still pending. Phase 2A: Anticipate Awarding the Phase 2A construction contract in February 2019 based on the developed GMP. 

November 2018 - WSI completed the concrete generator and fuel tank pad. The generator and fuel tank were delivered and set in place on October 24, 2018. Generator has been anchored on the concrete pad; fuel tank has been anchored on the concrete pad. The contractor installed the unistruts for trench piping. They installed the eye wash station in the chemical room. WSI also has started the installation of the stairway within the reject pump station. Youngquist Brothers has been prepping for the well testing by installing the required equipment at Well #1. WSI has been welding pipe supports on the walls within Building B. HVAC equipment installation is in progress at both Buildings B & C. The onsite electrical transformer has been delivered and installed. The termination of the onsite transformer is pending the energizing and inspection of the FP&L meter. Wells #1, 2 and 3 stainless steel piping has been installed. Youngquist Brothers has been prepping and setting equipment to start the disinfection of the new production wells. The production well pumps have not been installed to date. The electrical contractor continued the process of wire pulling and termination at both Building B and C. A site meeting was held with WSI and subcontractor to identify and locate all existing wells to be abandoned within the project.  

October 2018 - The well sub-contractor (Youngquist Brothers, Inc.) has completed the demobilization process, cleaned up, regraded, and restored the staging area. Southern Underground has tied-in the 12-inch reject line to the pigging station riser at the Deep Injection Well. The Contractor had to pour a concrete cap over the existing pipe crossing (existing water main) at the entrance of the master pump station area due to shallow cover. The pressure test on that segment of the reject line is still pending. Southern Underground also completed the installation of the tapping sleeve and valve on the existing force main at the master pump station and is preparing for the above ground pigging station installation. The Prime Contractor (WSI) completed the installation of the Nano Skids 3 & 4 and Nano trains 1 & 2. WSI completed the feed room chemical piping and poured concrete to all feed pump pads, including the stair pad of the reject pump station. WSI started the suction pipe installation at the reject pump station. The above ground riser piping of onsite Well #1 is completed, and contractor has set up the offsite Well #3 for the above ground riser piping. The Contractor has installed the temporary generator, transferred fuel from the existing fuel tank to the temporary generator, and removed the existing generator, which has been delivered to the West Water Treatment Plant for an upcoming auction conducted by City Procurement. Stucco contractor has completed the stucco application on the exterior walls of the reject pump station, and started the application of stucco on the exterior walls of the building extension.