East Miramar Fire Hydrant Lines and Improvements

Upgrade aged and under-sized water mains and install new fire hydrants in Historic Miramar to increase capacity and improve fire safety. Area bounded by Pembroke Road to the north, Tarpon Drive and Utopia Drive to the west, Embassy Boulevard and SW 36th Street to the south and SW 68th Avenue to the east.

December 2018 - Miramar Parkway Crossing: A pre-construction meeting was held on site on 11/19/18 with Broward County, the contractor and the Engineer of record to discuss the directional bore process to install the water main crossing Miramar Parkway on Arcadia Drive. The issues involving restoration, MOT, and paving were discussed. HDD is scheduled for the week of December 3, and will take approximately 3-4 days. The contractor continued addressing items on punch list generated for all the streets that have been completed, paved, and restored, which is estimated at about 70 % of the project. Two additional streets Arcadia and Alcazar have been paved. The remaining streets pending to be paved include all sides streets east of Sunshine Blvd and Embassy Blvd. The EOR and City will resume the walkthrough process once all remaining streets have been completely paved and striping installed. The contractor has been deemed in Substantial Completion as of 10/31/18. Next project progress meeting scheduled for December 4, 2018.

November 2018 - The contractor completed the water service transfer on all side streets east of Sunshine Boulevard and the contractor has cut and abandoned all of the existing water mains. Water service transfer has also been completed along Embassy Boulevard. Walkthroughs have been conducted on all the streets that have been completed, paved and restored, which is estimated to be 70% of the project. A Punch List has been generated and submitted to the contractor. The work pending to be completed includes the directional bore crossing at Miramar Parkway on Arcadia, for which the Contractor now has the requisite Broward County permit(s), bacterial clearance, and the two water service connections on Arcadia on the south side of the Parkway; one cut and cap at Ramona and Oleander; one tapping sleeve; paving, striping and restoration of the remaining streets; walkthrough and development of punch list items for these streets, and completion of the punch list items. Contractor has been deemed in Substantial Completion as of 10/31/18.

October 2018 - Certification has been issued for Arcadia Drive, the segment north of Miramar Parkway, and SW 23rd Street, SW 24th Court, SW 25th Street, SW 28th Street and SW 30th Street. The Contractor is currently working on service transition along those streets after completing all proposed tie-ins. The contractor has located and repaired the water main leak on Embassy Boulevard. BACTEE sampling has been completed with all passing samples. Submittal for DOH certification is pending completion of As-builts. The construction permit application for the directional boring under Miramar Parkway at Arcadia Drive has been submitted by the Contractor to Broward County (BC) the week of August 13, 2018; Broward County has twice requested additional proof of Performance & Payment Bond endorsement for BC due to use of a discontinued form. The Contractor submitted another endorsement that is on an acceptable form, but BC attorneys requested one word revised from "Obligee" to Obligees" before issuing permit; response is pending. Two Cut and Caps (abandonment of existing water mains) are outstanding for Ramona Street and Oleander Drive due to problems that City staff encountered with isolating the existing systems (existing valves would not close and shut down flow). The City will fund installation of a line-stop assembly by another Contractor via a “piggyback” contract on Oleander Drive and Miramar Parkway; Contractors are coordinating this work. City staff was able to isolate Ramona Street and is coordinating with the Contractor to schedule a shut down along Ramona Street to support the Cut and Cap task; residents will be notified via door hangers of time and date of temporary shut-down. Paving has been completed on all streets affected by the project. Thermoplastic striping installation is in progress on most of the streets already paved.