To obtain a time frame for your inspection call (954) 602-3212 between 7:00 am and 8:00 am on the morning of the inspection. 

  • Have permit card and all approved paperwork on hand the day of inspection.
  • We do not inspect vacant homes; an adult must be present at time of inspection.
  • Contractors must advise homeowner of date and time frame for inspection.
  • If when inspector arrives and no one is home A reinspection fee will be charged.
  • The contractor is responsible for all of the above. 
Electrical permits are required 
  • To change or repair an electrical service
  • To replace or add an electrical panel
  • To add on to an electrical system
  • Adding or replacing low voltage cabling except as stated below
  • Any repairs or upgrades that include replacing electrical wiring
  • To remove or demo an electrical system
Electrical permits are not required
  • Any 100% wireless network low voltage security alarm system 
  • For installations by companies whose work is regulated by chapter 364, Florida Statues 
  • Removing or replacing any appliance that plugs into an existing outlet 
This list is by no means complete for more information please contact us.