Arts Education

  1. School Day Matinee Field Trips

    We offer numerous opportunities to educational groups including low-cost theater, dance and music events and free visits to our art gallery. Pair that with lunch in our banquet hall or a visit to the adjacent library for a full-day outing!

  2. Ansin Family Art Gallery

    The Miramar Cultural Center’s Ansin Family Art Gallery is dedicated to providing access to great works of art within the community from stellar artists featuring unique, creative and educational exhibitions.

  3. Camp Programs

    Exploring, developing confidence, creating memories and having fun is the perfect recipe for youth ages 7 - 14 years old that enjoy learning through the arts and experiencing professional theater during the annual summer and spring break camps. The program curriculum promotes fundamental childhood growth skills including teamwork, interpersonal communication, reading/comprehension and self-discipline while fostering imagination and creativity.

  4. Arts Enrichment Programs

    Throughout the season we offer an array of "hands-on" educational programs and activities for children of all ages through adults. Workshops, Master class series, lecture/demonstrations, behind-the-scenes and art gallery tours, residencies, and professional development thereby connecting people with arts ans culture.

  5. Workshops & Master Classes

    The Miramar Cultural Center is proud to offer master classes to anyone who is interested in these advanced learning opportunities.